Why do I need a planner? I can plan my own wedding with the help of my friends and family!

Of course you can! There is nothing wrong with planning your own wedding and most brides think that it is fun! However, it is time consuming especially if your life is already busy. The stress of planning the wedding can take away the purpose of the wedding! That is the purpose of wedding planners! We are experienced, educated professionals who can guide and help you to make your wedding perfect! No one deserves to be stressed out during the process! Let us do the hard work for you!

Can I afford a wedding planner?

This question should be could you afford not to have a wedding planner? Yes, it may seem like it is excessive but a big part of our job is to network with local vendors so we can build a great working relationship and offer you a better price! Like the good saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

Do you work with same-sex couples?

Of course! We do not discriminate here! We welcome all love and all celebratory events!

What makes you different than other planners and why should we hire you?

We created a survey that asked a large group of women when you think of weddings, what is something that comes to your mind? We were looking for a particular answer and out of 100 people who commented only one person said it, fun! We are a fun company and we want you to have FUN at your wedding or any event! When you look at most wedding sites, they talk about love and the romance but we want to ensure that you as our client will have fun! Enjoy and cherish each moment and when things are gloomy look to the bright side! If it is raining outside, let’s go dance in the rain!